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This site is a hodge-podge of everything that makes me a unique, amazing person and I am happy to have you here. Late in 2007 Sigel, my husband, and I had to make a decision. We were at a crux in our 21 year relationship. Both of us were fed up with being told who we were, what our failings were and hot to best live our lives. It was tearing apart the fabric of our shared life. It was time to grow up, take the reins and carve out the life that suited us. You cannot be successful in life following someone else’s life path!

We had a wonderful friend who needed us as much as we needed him and the three of us decided to buck all social convention and form a union that we could grow and be happy in. Sigel was able to admit to the things he had been keeping secret for far too many years in a loving, supportive environment. He reasoned that he couldn’t be his authentic self if he hid the negative aspects of himself from us. This prompted a period of growth that was painful, exhilarating and brought us close enough that we were able to begin to see the positive effects of the Law Of Attraction.

Along about 2009 I ran across EdenFantasys. My part of the negative equation was the constant denial of my sexual identity. EF helped me to try some new things, gently supported my decision to cut off the people in my life that were so destructive, and gave me a voice through the Eden Lit program, Eden Cafe and SexIs Magazine. Regardless of whatever else EF may or may not have done I am profoundly grateful to the community there for their continued support.

Skip ahead 5 years and I have reviewed and posted over 435 reviews on just about everything I could get my hands on! I grew confident about my ability to counsel people when they are choosing toys and other bedroom enhancers for themselves. I have written well received articles on a variety of subjects and lead the Eden Lit Club for three awesome years. It was time for me to continue my personal growth and this website is the result.

Here you will find links to reviews posted on various sites, reviews of free products sent to me in exchange for honest reviews, stories, poems, articles, and blog posts about sex and living the poly lovestyle. Poke around, let me know what you think and visit a few of the sites listed here. I do make a small commission off of any purchases you may make but if there is a coupon code I’ll let you know and do my best to save you as much money as possible.



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